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Call anytime, M-F 9am till 5pm, (805) 900-5295, (805) 772-7324, (805) 995-4809
Talk to a Hydrogen Expert, not a salesmen

Welcome to HYDROGEN TRUCKER the future of the Trucking Industry

Bob Boyce® catalytic technology, Hydroxy Gas™

Excellent opportunity for the Trucker Diesel Market. Truckers must save fuel $$ Become a CVHHO dealer.
Contact the CVHHO dealers first, CVHHO will ask you to buy a cell system off one of their dealers, to prove the technology. Then future sales can be direct with them : CentralValleyHHO.com Soon to have a CARB EO, making the cell systems legal in CA.
HHO is legal on trucks in all states, except CA. Listen to Mark Dansie/HHO Consultant Lab tester. According to Mark, CVHHO is the only company he has seen, done it right. Gets results, even cuts down the Nox emission, in which is unheard of.

1-800-565-3884 #252
Ask for Cheri at: Ext 252
Contact :
with questions.

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Thirty years of lab research behind HHO. Learn quickly and get an over view of fuel saving HHO Boosters.

Trucker Hydrogen Kits for sale, cars too.

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